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Regarding partnerships and careers, our focus is always on finding the best people to work with. Our bar is high, but you look ready to take on the challenge.

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We’ve been developing the web since 2006.

Our goal is to conmnect people with unique products, sevices and information with exquisite user interfaces and exeriences while occasionally flipping a long-term hold. The journey to cash flow and growth was hard. It took time, with lots of mistakes and over a decade of memories, both good and bad.

Over this time, a small little company was percolating with a wild vision of redesigning the places we visit on the web. That company was . Little did we know it then, but our journey would lead us to collection of websites motivated by the ambition to break free from the 9-5. Freedom from boring jobs and stressful gigs tediously worked for low wages and no future of upward mobility or financial freedom. Almost two decades later and we’ve learned that having a diversified web portfolio with profit sharing for our employees allows for incentivized cash flow, making work a wealth building strategy for our tight niched community.

"The process of learning to code was gritty. Tedious. Errors. Bugs. Languages. Learning curves. All headaches."

Eventually we streamlined the process of development, creating an income generating system. One that was simple, passive and partnership driven with aligned incentives for profit sharing on cash flow from day one. Transparency and Simplicity is the key in providing products and services for the new Web3 frontier.

We’re focusing on helping others accomplish what we’ve been able to do. To date, we’ve helped dozens get started or continue their careers at .

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Located in Las Vegas.

We have our home office in Las Vegas, but work remote from all over the world.


Aligned Incentives


Profit sharing from day one.

Our Vision

Financial Freedom

Maybe it’s to break away from the 9-5. Maybe it’s to save for college. Maybe it’s to take care of our parents. Whatever your "why" is, working as a partner with can help you achieve your financial goals.

"Our partnership is built so that we’ll always have each others best interests at heart."

Passive. So you can live life.

Family. Work. Hobbies. Adventures. Life. We don’t have enough time or energy every day as it is. Let work for you. We can help give you the flexable schedule and the passive income you've always dreamed of.

Parents, dog moms, techies and more.

No matter who you are, what you do or where you live, financial freedom doesn’t have to feel impossible. Our community of employees and partners come from all walks of life, from all around the world with one common goal: to help each other.

Eric Dean

We work with the best.
To be the best.

is the best place to work with some of the greatest tech companies in the world. Our network is global. Our services are integrated with some of the best companies the world has to offer. Wether your background is in tech, real estate, law, or finance, we would like to get to know you.

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